Estate Planning - Elderly Parents

Planning for elderly parents.

According to a recent USA Today article, many families are caught unprepared to care for their elderly parents. The long-term care system is complex and expensive.

You might feel uncomfortable bringing up long term care and medical planning with your parent, but it's an important and necessary discussion to have. Believe it or not, your mom or dad probably want to discuss this topic with you.

At Zaske Law, we're here to help you and your elderly parents with long term care and medical planning when you're all ready. We carefully walk you through the process and help your parents create a plan that works for them.

We can help your family with the following:

  • Long Term Care
    Long term care planning looks at the care options for your elderly parents and what will work best for the family. Zaske Law can help create a plan that carefully considers the desires of your parent(s) and what they value. We help prepare a family for the decisions and costs that come with caring for an elderly loved one.

  • Health Care Directives (Including Do Not Resuscitate-DNR Forms)
    Also known as a living will, a health care directive is a set of written instructions indicating what actions should be taken on behalf of an individual if the individual is no longer able to make these decisions because of sickness or incapacity. There are many types of health care directives, and Zaske Law can help your elderly parent draft documents that meet his or her specific needs.

  • Power of Attorney
    Power of attorney gives a designated person the authority to make financial or healthcare decisions on behalf of an individual (in this case, your elderly parent). Zaske Law can help your family have honest discussions about power of attorney, walk you through issues associated with power of attorney and draft documents as necessary. We truly believe that the best solutions arise out of clear and open conversations with every family member and we work hard to educate and keep the best interests of the elderly parent as the focal point.

Planning for the needs of your aging parent can be a daunting prospect. But, when you have a helpful, patient attorney who can help your family navigate the complex issues the process can be easier and provide a much needed sense of relief and calm.

If you have questions about estate planning for your elderly parents, please call us at 651-301-9852. We look forward to hearing from you.